Too much connectedness

A few days ago, I had just got into the MRT, to get back to campus. It was a crowded week day, with all of us having to stand and pretend to look oblivious to the fact that there we were all squashed together like sardines. At Buona Vista, I looked outside to see a teenage couple waiting for the train, sitting at the benches. When the doors opened, they embraced and parted. The boy walked towards my train, while the girl went to the other side. He quickly got inside and looked wistfully outside the door, towards the other train… She, on the other hand did not turn back and look. And he just kept looking..

As the train started on its journey again, the boy immediately whipped out his iPhone, presumably to send a text to her.

Before he even had a chance to savour the moment of missing the girl, this boy chose to get in touch with her again!

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.. But in this day of constant connectedness, there seems to be no opportunity for the “absence” to happen.. There is no way to really miss someone. We live in such an unromantic world!


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