Ponni rice maketh the tummy happy

Anjappar really has no palatable options for meals nowadays, especially during weekends. So I usually resort to the pasta place (which has gotten really good btw), or make do with bread/curd rice. Today, after work I decided to do some penny pinching, and got myself a big bag of Ponni rice from Nanyang (the alternative being getting a rice takeaway from Anjappar for a dollar).

And what a meal I had! This ponni rice is indigenous (I think) to India, and reminds one of home. In fact, some of friends actually used to carry rice from home since they did not like the Thai fragrant rice. I however never had any objections with rice unless it had meat bits floating around, so I did no such thing. But this ponni rice is really quite awesome! I kept a cup and a tiny bit more in the rice cooker for dinner today, to be had with curd and vathakozhambu and some Haldirams mixture. I had such a satisfactory meal! For one, there was no limit on the amount of rice I could have. The takeaway box is painfully small and the rice given at the canteens is never enough for me. But this was awesome! Added to that was some thick, white curd and bingo! You’ve made a South Indian very happy. 🙂

Aahh.. next stop – to “cook” something other than curd rice for dinner. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Ponni rice maketh the tummy happy

  1. Ponni(another name for Cauvery in tamil lit.) rice is grown in TN in the cauvery delta region. Very similar to Champagne region in Fr. Yeah, it is the combination of soil,water,climate, people and the oxen, I guess..

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