Cooking is for patient souls

Cooking Rule… If at first you don’t succeed, order pizza. 


I have been craving for potato fry for weeks now, and I woke up today with a strange determination to cook. So I went to Clementi to get some vegetables and ready to cook pratas. I got aluminium foil from the canteen downstairs, and borrowed oil from a friend. The gathering of all these things itself took SO long! By the time I got to making the thing, I was starving.. and out of patience. And just as my luck would have it, half the potatoes were either dangerously green, or turned out to be decaying from the inside. Not deterred, I salvaged whatever I could and proceeded with my cooking. There is a very easy and nice way to make yummy potato fry! Without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards. 🙂 This is what you do-

you need a toaster over for this- something that looks like this (available in PGP kitchens),

some aluminium foil, oil, salt, masala and potatoes (cut finely, with their jackets on)

Place the cut potatoes on the foil and drizzle oil over them. Add salt, masala and mix. Place inside the toaster for 15mins. Stir occasionally so that all the potatoes get cooked evenly.. And voila! All done. 😀 All credits to a friend who taught me this in my first year!

It seems really simple, and it is.. perfect for lazy people who want good food. But my story doesn’t end here.. The rice wasn’t cooked fully (as usual), but I was too hungry to care and decided to eat anyway. And when I spooned the rice onto my plate to take to my room, I spilt it all on the floor.  I had also poured too much oil into the potatoes and although they tasted good, there was a huge oily mess inside the overm waiting to be cleaned. So much for my hopes of not having to clean up after cooking. After all this drama, it was already 2pm and I just got SICK of this whole debacle! And then I thought to myself for the hundredth time that day about my mom, who cooks thrice a day for the family, and so cheerfully at that. Cooking really needs a LOT of patience and time. And some company to laugh about the spilt food would have helped too, instead of having to clean up alone. 😐

I decided to not cook after my first year, because I decided I had no patience for this. And today I discovered that my patience levels have not improved at all! So I guess its a good learning experience.. hopefully things will improve the next time around.


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