Makes me wonder..

Have you ever noticed? Whenever something occupies the majority of your thoughts, you begin to see instances of it everywhere.. all incidents seem to be related! That has been the case for me for the past couple of days, with the topic being that of love. All of a sudden, colleagues at work are voicing my thoughts, my dad sends me a related article, my friends speak of it..

No, not the mushy romance that happens in movies, but the more unconditional one..

As a kid, I was very averse of public displays of affection (and still am).. My mother however, is the opposite in this regard. She makes it a point to wish her kids a goodnight with a hug and a kiss every single day! When I was younger, this used to bother me a GREAT deal when we were with “company”. We had numerous family outings, where all cousins, their parents and grandparents would gather. My mom used to be the conspicuous one because she would always come to bade my sister and I a good night.  The other kids’ parents never came to tuck them into bed, and they used to look at us as though we were freaks (in my eyes, atleast). I absolutely hated it at the time and found it very unnecessary to proclaim your love to one another every single day. My dad would laugh it off- never being a very expressive person himself, I guess he could relate to me.

But now, when I look back on these memories, they seem to be so sweet! And I am sure they would not have been half as nice if my mom had been like any other conservative Tamilian woman. (Interesting fact- North Indians have been observed to be more open of their emotions, as compared to us southies..).

I’ve slowly realised that it is a good thing to be an expressive person. It is not sissy, nor is it “obvious” that the other person knows how much you appreciate them. And after observing myself over the past few days, I realised that I am a more vocal person that I thought! And that is a very comforting fact- I seem to have some hope in the world, after all. 🙂

PS- the title is from this classic, brilliant song.


2 thoughts on “Makes me wonder..

  1. So true Shwetaa! I used to have troubles telling people I love them. Infact, sometimes I think I still do. I got the quality from my dad I guess. He cant tell me he loves me/hug me easily. Mom on the other hand, ALWAYS does it. And I am learning still. 🙂

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