138 steps

My workplace is atop a hill. There are two ways to get there from the MRT Β – the long, easy route that takes 20 minutes, or climbing the long set of stairs to scale the hill (which takes around 5 minutes). And by long, I mean really long. 138 steps, to be exact. Being young and full of energy, all 15 of us at the office boldly take the steps everyday.. once when we come up to the office in the morning and once after lunch. And I have learnt a lot of life lessons from doing this!

1. Sometimes, the fact that you have no other option but to do something really helps to get it done!

2. It is ALWAYS easier to finish climbing the stairs if you shield your eyes from looking at the whole stretch of steps when you start walking. By looking down and focussing on just getting to the top of each level of stairs, it becomes quite easy to finish the whole stretch. Lesson – don’t get overwhelmed by looking at the big picture. Focus on taking baby steps and you’ll be fine.

3. Perseverance makes everything easy at the end.

In the beginning, I used to get breathless after climbing half the stairs.. especially with the sun beating down on your head, it was no joke to keep climbing. But with time (2 months), it has become almost easy to climb the entire stretch.. at the end of it, I just feel more awake because of the extra blood pumping in my body. Great feeling! πŸ™‚

4. The experience helps in making similar tasks more do-able.

The great part is that all the other steps I climb at NUS (which is notoriously called the National University of Stairs, btw) seem easy-peasy. It is definitely because of the newly found stamina, but also a little bit because I know this can’t possibly be as hard as the stairs to work.

Getting learnings and inspiration from daily, mundane tasks really helps in looking at them in a more positive way. Nowadays, I always start climbing the stairs every morning with a small smile on my face, because I know I am building character. πŸ˜€



4 thoughts on “138 steps

  1. Almost becoming a zen master ! Living in the ‘present’ and counting steps…

    Btw, how does it help ‘reduce’ non-existent belly ?


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