The White Tiger

I just finished the White Tiger by Aravind Adiga.

It is a stark book exposing you to the horrors faced by the poor.. something that as an Indian middle class citizen, you have always turned a blind eye upon. Atleast I did. Whenever I read horror stories in the news about honour killings, farmers hanging themselves due to debt, youngsters drinking their lives away with cheap alcohol, I would always feel bad for a while. And then forget about it.. because “what could I do?”. At most, I would shower a few insults at the politicians and then move on with my life.. I have never tried to scratch more than the surface when it comes to problems with my country. And I know for a fact that many of my peers are also like me.. possibly even worse.

This book gives you the full picture about the Indian poor – especially the enterprising ones who want to rise above their situation but are bound down to the ground by fellow servants. The White Tiger has really striking descriptions of the poverty in India and is the story of how a cunning and ruthless “entrepreneur” made it from Darkness to Light. The whole book is very grey.. one moment you find yourself pitying the protagonist and justifying his actions to yourself.. the next minute you are appalled by the monstrosity of his crime. The style of wir

It is a great book.. an eye-opener. Strongly recommend reading it! Even if it doesn’t spur you to do something great, you see India with different eyes.. and that is in itself is something.


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