Toastmasters Speech – P1

A blog post after a long time! A lot of things have been happening here which are wordpress-worthy, but I’ve been lazy and not posted anything.  But now that I have some time on my hands, I will be good and put up all my learnings.

I made my first Toastmaster’s speech! It was a 5 minute speech about myself and went quite well, according to my mentor.:) I spoke about my childhood, dance, and my internship search this year. Ended off re-emphasizing my learnings.. and threw in a few quotes for good measure. I was told that I am enthusiastic, eloquent speaker and have good body language! (Ok ok, I know I’m bragging, will stop right here.)

I also received some good feedback on how to get better for my next speech, which might be of use to you as well! Here they are-

1. Don’t keep your notes with you. It shows lack of confidence.

2. Don’t use pause fillers like aah, umm, so, etc. Just pause, instead. It gives your audience a little more time to digest your last sentence!

3. Try to make your sentences more graphic – its always a good technique to state a fact directly and then say it again in a different way. It is supposed to help your audience grasp what you are trying to say better. For example – ” It was a cold, rainy night. The sharp wind blew across my face and sent a chill down my spine.”

4. Don’t say thank you after your speech. The audience should thank you since you shared something with them. Just finish with your impressive ending, smile and hand the mike back to the Emcee.

Happy speaking!


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