This post is about my grandfather and his zest for life! He is 82 years old and suffers from a number of ailments.While other people his age occupy themselves by watching television all day, this man writes letters to the newspapers, manages his own finances, writes in his journal and lately, is learning how to use the computer!

My grandpa is well informed about Indian current affairs, mainly due to watching 4-5 different news channels everyday. And he is prompt to send in his opinions to the Hindu and Indian Express, who actually do publish his articles once in a while. But since he did not know how to use a computer, he was always dependent on his grandchildren to type out the emails and send them. The one defining quality about my grandfather is that he is independent. In almost all ways possible – he even washes his own clothes. So obviously, this dependence on others to send the emails for him was irritating him to no end.. he then asked me to teach him how to use a computer. And I am amazed by his willingness to learn new things at such an old age!

I taught him how to open and close my laptop, how to type stuff in Word, set up a gmail account for him and taught him how to Google.. and he has asked for a second class tomorrow to learn more. Of course, he doesn’t remember everything I say to him.. I need to sit next to him while he types out his emails but it is heartening to see his smile after finishing a few lines. 😀 I feel so proud! His plan is to buy himself a computer after he can use a computer on his own.. to make productive use of his time. Did you ever see such a person?!

He was a Vet in his time and recently got honoured by his college for his service. He was so excited to go see his classmates and colleagues during this event! I wonder if I will have half the energy he has to do such things when I am his age.

Its quite inspiring to see him try take control of his life in every way and live it on his own terms.. So here’s to him!


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