Spending my break time

Being facebook-less for a few months now and sitting in front of the computer all day can only mean one thing- finding new forms of entertainment during break time!

Here are some of my favourites-

1. Reading blogposts at Freshly Pressed at wordpress.com. For the uninitiated, this is a selection of the day’s best posts on wordpress blogs, as selected by the wordpress guys. And its AWESOME!! The posts are either about life, random rants, photos, travel, recipes.. whatever the topic may be, most of the writing is really good and refreshing. I recommend you check these talented people out in your free time as well! 🙂

2. Reading news at bbc.co.uk. I am rather (in)famous about my shockingly low levels of awareness of things happening around me. My dad used to repeatedly say to me that all I did during my entire 17 years at home was to study and read books. Oh well. Since I can’t go gawking at beautiful people’s photoshopped photos on Facebook, I’ve taken to checking news roughly 200 times a day. And the BBC website is actually quite fun, because  they write (very well) about Science, Health, Entertainment and Travel, in addition to the boring “breaking news”. And their weekly quiz that tests you about world news is a great way to learn about new, interesting things. You can check it out here- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8611181.stm.

3. Reading my friends’ blog posts, most of whom are on my blogroll.

4. Reading lame youtube comments.

Boy, these comments are really lame. Like really. When its not Justin Beiber bashing, its about how people are watching videos in 2011 (or dissing other people because they are stating this obvious fact), how they would do certain things if they got a required number of “thumbs up” for it, how they are “raping” the replay button etc. Its so stupid that its hilarious. Wouldn’t recommend checking this out unless you are (already) brain-dead after solving Fourier Transforms all day.

What are your favourite online break activities?


2 thoughts on “Spending my break time

  1. News is actually a great idea.. Forums are interesting (4chan/reddit etc. for the techies). I like reading stackoverflow too, some questions are very interesting. You can maybe check out other websites from the stack exchange relevant to your interests.. and then there are ted talks for longer breaks.. and finally ofcourse wikipedia! That site is addicting!

    • haha I thought you meant stOck exchange instead.. haven’t heard of stack exchange before, looks interesting!

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