Aqua and Cool Kids

Remember the song “I’m a Barbie Girl”, by Aqua? Well, I got reminded of it randomly about 2 weeks ago, and have been listening to it on Youtube ever since!  It was HUGE hit in India for some reason, with all girls my age it bopping to it. I think I was around 10 when this was released, an age when I still loved my Barbies dearly. The innocent me thought the song was really about Barbie and as a result, loved the song as well! But now when I listen to the lyrics and the oh-so-obvious video, the double meaning hits me like a rock on the head and oh my god, it is hilarious! My parents were probably secretly chuckling to themselves when I sung this around the house..

Of course, all the “cool” kids listened to English music and liked to brag about what bands they liked. At that age, I never had any real interest in music, much less random English music (with the exception of the barbie song, of course). I remember once, a girl in our block had her fancy 11th birthday up in the terrace with a shamiana (a SHAMIANA for gods sakes! it was the height of cool back then), english music and chaat. And her favourite band happened to be Aqua, which she and her friends danced to. I remember feeling so envious that she knew English music, and that too Aqua!! Looking back, those kids probably didn’t understand a word of those songs and simply danced to look cool.. the lyrics of every Aqua song have been written by Mr. Pervy Perverson. Ah, if only I had known this before! I wouldn’t have felt as left out. 🙂

Anyway, you should check out Aqua’s songs

They are super duper funny and very pop-y (and peppy) (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Enjoy, and happy friday!


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