A language without words

I like to eat plain rice with my Grand Sweets vathakozambu mix and curd, being the Tamilian I am. The Indian stall in PGP is known for its stinginess and total disregard for my large appetite, so I usually get my rice from the Chinese “Panda Delights” stall (They sell what Pandas like to eat, ie- vegetarian stuff. I was initially appalled by the name too till I found this out.) The uncle there is a kindly old man, who doesn’t know English. I had a tough time initially letting him know what I wanted (getting just rice packed was a very new concept for the man). But after about 5 attempts of me nodding my head vigorously and smiling widely, he got my message. And we’ve been bum chums ever since! Every time I come to the stall, he smiles, points at the rice and nods his head with his eyebrows raised. I respond by showing him all my 28 teeth (I don’t have the wise ones yet. Anyway.). He now gives me a 50c discount along with a truckload of rice enough to feed 2 people. And of course, full Shweta= happy Shweta!

I actually think its cool that we don’t speak in the same language. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have used smiling as a way to communicate with him! It would have probably been a formal “Rice please, thanks bye” kind of an affair. But I kind of look forward to see him beaming when I come to his stall and it brightens my day a little too!

You should try communicating without words to someone. See what a difference it makes to you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A language without words

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