Awards are awesome

This post is a very happy one! Its because I recently found out that my pet dance production, Anweshana has been awarded the “Best Event of the Year 2010” in NUS, at the Tan Ean Kiam Awards! This is extremely special to me, and here’s why-

1.  I’d like to think our VERY awesome exco and awesome dancers played a huge part in winning this! 🙂 To all dear supsupyo’s reading this, I HEART YOU!!!

2. Anweshana beat performances by 25 other (very powerful) CFA groups to cinch the award.

3. Its the first time NUS Indian Dance (or any other Indian group) has won anything at the TEK Awards.

4. Although its not my award directly, this is my first formal recognition by NUS for my work! Its a brilliant feeling. 😀

5. The group has received a handsome sum of money as a prize, immediately transforming our rather modest bank account into a respectable one. 🙂

6. I am even more convinced that I want to be involved in the performing arts at all points of my life.

Awards are awesome. This one has a very special place in my heart and is the source of my general upbeat mood these few days! It is indeed very nice to see tangible returns to hard work, especially in the form of shiny certificates and congratulatory messages. There should definitely be more awards in this world- they inspire and drive people to work harder than ever!  I’m definitely going to endow one (or many) awards once I am capable of doing so.

Have a award-worthy day tomorrow. 🙂


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