Breakfast in McDonalds

My parents have tried in vain to get me to love breakfast. Idlis, masala dosais, aval upma, pongal, poori, omelette and toast.. everything that is possible to make in an Indian kitchen. But it was of no use.. I hated waking up early and hated even more to shove food into my mouth. I preferred to just wake up in time for lunch, and understandably this was a big irritant to my poor mom.


This happened.

Thanks to some dance friends, I was unwittingly introduced to breakfast in McDonalds. McD’s hotcakes totally rock my mornings! I go to bed promising myself that if I wake up early, I can reward myself with McD breakfast. And it mostly works! It is so unbelievably yummy! The dripping butter and super-sweet syrup just adds to my morning high. Slurp.

But NOW..

This will be me, soon.

This is slowly threatening to become true!!

So, I have decided to cut down on McD stuff and restrict them to every Friday morning. And it is actually good because I get to “reward” myself at the end of the week.

Well, well.. what day is it today? Why, its Friday! I am writing this from NUS’ McDonalds. 🙂

Have a nice day!


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