Its been a bad semester for me, electronics wise. First my kewl Samsung feature phone with the (once fancy) touch screen lost the ability to make and receive calls. Next my trusty Toshiba laptop decided to get sick and now shows me a blue screen roughly 5 times a week. But I’ve managed to live with both, because a nice person has lent me a phone and I’ve promised myself a MacBook as soon as I graduate.

But then the horror of horrors happened.. my earphones decided to bail on me. Since they aren’t as important as a laptop or a phone, their absense doesn’t really prey on my mind. But when I do need them, they aren’t there in my pencil box. And that sucks. Typically I need them only while-

1. listening to music in the library in an attempt to wake myself up

2. trying to drown out annoying juniors’ voices while studying the lounge

3. watching webcasts (you must have realised that I have exams by now.)

And all of the above three things are very important to preserve my sanity. SO, cutting a long story short, I went and got myself medium-priced Pleomax earphones from Nanyang Supermarket. Someone please tell me they are a good brand and they wont die on me? 😦

My new earphones



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