My list of things to see and enjoy in Singapore

A good friend is planning her trip to Singapore, and had emailed me for suggestions on things to do in the city (“apart from the Jurong bird park and Night Safari please” in her words.) So I gave her my list of things I enjoy in Singapore and thought I would share it here!

In no particular order..

1. Universal Studios

I got to relive my childhood here and be a little girl again. It is truly a magical place. The huge roller coaster is a huge bonus as well! Food very good (for vegetarians as well).

2. Trekking in Macritchie reservoir.. the scenery is beautiful. Make sure you go before the sun is fully up and wear proper shoes!

3.  The science centre .. it is a really cool place, in a geeky kind of way. Filled with amazing facts and very nice experiments to help you understand.

4. Walk through Orchard road to see the Christmas decorations and do some window shopping.. you can find the winter collections from all the big brands there

5. Hooka in arab street and shopping for knick knacks/accessories in Arab st. and Haji lane

Not done this yet! Supposed to be good, though.

6. Shopping in mustafa. You can find everything here. Everything.

7. Beach @ Sentosa. Beware: extremely overpriced place. Worth going once. Beaches can’t compare to Indian ones.

8. The Chocolate buffet at Marina Bay Sands. Very awesome and classy. Good for a big celebration.

9. Clarke quay for a taste of Singapore’s nightlife

10. Pulau Ubin is a nearby island which is known for good mountain hiking. Beware of strange dogs!

11. Ice skating in Kallang. Its a novelty for people like me who’ve never lived with snow. Its worth going to once! A lot of fun in large groups.

12. Cheap shopping in bugis- clothes don’t last long though. Great for short-lived accessories.

13. Forest Adventure at Bedok. Amazing fun with a large group! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and have decent fitness levels before embarking on this one.

14. NUS. 🙂 Its a dream campus. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Definitely worth a visit.

So that’s my list! What are your favourite things to do/see in Singapore? Looking forward to hearing about more amazing places in the comments. 🙂


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