Thankful Tuesdays

It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy. 

-Nice quote from a friend to get this post started!

Let us be happy.

1. I am thankful for home.

Yep, I am back home and lovin’ it. Sleeping for ten hours, eating my favourite food, teasing my sister, catching up with the local gossip.. fun times!

2. I am thankful for Eloor Library and books.

They are one of the best lending libraries in town – you can find all major titles there, and immediately after they are released as well. I got myself lots of delicious books to gobble up – The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson, my first Asterix! – The Gladiator, and the Slayer of Kamsa by Ashok Banker.

I also have Vikram Seth’s Two Lives, The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple, Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri and Wings of Fire by Abdul Kalam. So much joy in just listing down these names! Can’t wait to drown in these books. 🙂

I finished Slayer of Kamsa yesterday, and it was brilliant. The book is first of the Krishna Coriolis series and is about the warring Yadava clan in North India, and their trials and tribulations. Specifically, it follows the lives of Kamsa, Vasudeva and Devaki (the latter two are the parents of Lord Krishna). It is a fascinating storyand I felt liked it a lot better than C.Rajagopalachari’s rendition of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, mainly because the emphasis was on the story, and not about the inherent spiritual meanings. It was a bit like reading Harry Potter – strong narrative style and lots of action and adventure. Definitely worth a read, even if you are not interested in Hindu Mythology.

Slayer of Kamsa, by Ashok Banker

3. I am thankful for my school friends

I met them after a long time and had fun catching up! We lunched at 10D , a restobar famous for their power lunches. The portions are very small and stingy if you ask me, but my friends seemed to enjoy themselves alright. We caught up on local news, had a fervent discussion comparing merits of the iPhone vs Blackberry (definitely the iPhone, right??) and made plans to meet again. A fun afternoon, all in all. Also what was striking to me was that we have become different people over the course of four years in different Universities.. we seem to disagree a lot more and have unique views on any given subject. I guess that’s a good thing – I find myself enjoying the diversity. But hopefully we don’t get too diverse to hang out as a group! 🙂

4. I am thankful for the weather in Chennai

It is beautiful weather – chilly winds and the bright sun. My favourite kind! A welcome respite from the humidity and rains of Singapore. 🙂

5. 2012 is close-by

A new beginning, a fresh page to write on.. to a better year! Many resolutions brimming in my head.. will share them here in due course. 🙂

So that is my list for this week.. What is yours? Have a great week, folks!

Update: This is my 200th post. Woohoo!


8 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesdays

  1. 200 posts? Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. Sounds like you enjoy writing as much as reading. I loved this line, “Can’t wait to drown in these books.” What a perfect image! Enjoy your stories, and Happy Holidays.

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