Learnings from Eleven

2011 was an interesting year. Personally, 2010 went better. But looking back at the year, there are so many great learnings.. Here are some, jotted down in a comforting bullet format for your reading pleasure 😉
1. I got a lot more optimistic about life

This is more of a lifestyle change – initially, it was a conscious effort to not let things affect me adversely. But as the months progressed, I got better. Now I find myself laughing more, not taking things so seriously and generally going to sleep a happier person.

Ofcourse, this means that I tried to not use stress as a motivator. And the lack of “positive” stress did show – I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in my CFA or NUS modules. But I’m hopeful that there will be a balance this semester and I my optimism will grow to be as powerful a motivator as stress.

2. I keenly felt the lack of organization, especially in my previous semester. Time to bring back my planner and stick to it this time around.

3. Going off Facebook and reading the news

This is one of the better things I did last year. Facebook for me, is just a place to gossip and waste a criminal amount of time. So I went off it during the semester and I used all the extra time to read up on world news and articles relevant to my professional interests. And of course, discover the joys of reading blogs that are Freshly Pressed at WordPress! It was great, and I plan to continue doing it this year as well!

4. Lack of exercise/dance

I didn’t dance for about 9 months in 2011. I didn’t really bother to stick to any proper exercise routine either. And lo and behold, on came the extra pounds!

Before 2011, I had never imagined that I would EVER get fat. I was so thin – always used to wish I could put on just a wee bit more. And then in 2011, I actually did.

I did try jogging and walking as alternatives, but they don’t have the charm of dance and I was not disciplined enough to shake myself out of bed and run every morning.

While it is a good thing that I finally have a BMI that says I am normal weight (instead of underweight), I am raring to get back to dance and get fit.

Here’s a great related video (Thanks Rohan!)

5. One of my 2011 resolutions was to “Give more to get more”. And I think I made some real progress in this area! I see so many people reaching out to help me and I am so very grateful to them. It has just made me feel like giving more and more. Besides, giving is so much more satisfying than receiving could ever be… Hope to continue this more and pass the love around. 🙂

6. If you screw around with your health, it will come back to bite you in the ass. True story.

I have had a long history of treating my stomach badly – feeding it with caffeine at night, loading up on fried foods at odd hours of the day (and night), not having breakfast, eating meals at inconsistent times… I think it all stems from the fact that at NUS, I hardly have a routine. Anyway, long story short – I had huge problems with acidity this year affecting my day to day life. It has forced me to reduce my caffeine intake, eat at regular times and not snack at midnight. And I’m happy to say that right now, the problem has reduced, but not gone away. I guess it never will. Good smack in the head for taking my body for granted.

7. Hard work is the only way I have really achieved anything till now. A reminder to myself (and all of us) that sweat comes before success!

Now you tell me: What is your biggest learning from 2011? Are you fired up with new resolutions? I sure am. Coming soon in a post near you 🙂 Have a good day! (or a Marie Biscuit).


2 thoughts on “Learnings from Eleven

  1. I think i’ve learnt to live my life on my terms and i am working on it now. I wish you a blessed and a Happy New Year 2012 and hope this new year proves more interesting and you get all those you have been wishing for all along.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Elvirah! 🙂 All the best for 2012. Hope you have a nice Monday tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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