Flaunt your talents

A friend and I were brainstorming this evening about an idea we have. This idea requires the help of a designer and we were thinking about who we could approach to help us out. Naturally, we immediately turned to our friends/colleagues circle to see if there were any possibilities. And the first bunch of people who struck my mind were 2 friends who have made public their designing capabilities. All they did was to put their works of art online and available for their friends to view and enjoy! And it struck me that although I know a lot more people who are proficient at Photoshop, the people who first came to my mind were the ones who were most fresh in my mind.

When you have a unique talent that sets you apart from the rest of your peers, flaunt it. You may be a good artist, skilled with your camera, an insightful writer or a web developer. It really doesn’t matter until the people around know that you are so and so! Don’t be afraid of showcasing yourself – even if it is just to your network of friends, it makes a difference. And as with all things, regularity helps your cause. I guess the main takeaway would be that even though such daily acts of letting the world know who you are and why you are special might not pay returns immediately, it is a great investment for the long run.

Everyday is a stage, and you are the performer!


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