Thankful Tuesdays

Good Morning!

Since today is an action packed day, lets keep this list short and sweet!

1. I’m thankful my stomach has stopped acting crazy. Yesterday I was hiccuping all day and my stomach felt queasy the whole time. I think its a reminder from my body to eat the damn medicines regularly. I feel better today though, so that’s that.

2. I’m thankful for nice emails I receive from friends that never fail to brighten up my day! 🙂 Good mornings, gratitude emails, catch up emails, funny emails… love all of ’em.

3. I’m thankful for dance friends who give me company during the long commute to and fro Little India. And for trying to reassure me when I found that my dance class is haunted. (More on this later).

4. I’m thankful for Subway. Seriously, I don’t know what I’ll do without them. They are a constant saviour for my 4pm hunger pangs, before-dance snack and sometimes even normal meals. Only wish there were more options than the ubiquitous Veggie Delight!

5. I’m thankful for interesting modules – I’m doing “Quality Engineering” from the Industrial Systems Engineering dept., and its pretty nice! Good break from normal electrical engineering stuff. Lots of statistics involved, and real life applications.

I’m also studying “Advanced Control Systems”, taught by an old professor – he is someone who literally taught and recruited almost the entire Control dept. at NUS! He is very funny and makes the lectures interesting. So thankful for this new found interest in engineering.

6. I’m thankful I’m able to rhyme! Here is a cheesy poem I wrote to my sister a few days ago-

I’m bored while going in the train

So I thought I’d sing you a refrain!

Hello, how do you do my darling sis?

You are only one I truly miss!

Your birthday’s coming soon

and I’ll sing you a fine tune

Oh without you I’m turning into a loon!

Now it’s time for me to run, so you have some fun. Have a good day, friends. 🙂


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