Waking up on time

I’ve been wrestling with the problem of waking up on time for more than a year now. If you google “how to wake up on time”, you’ll get a bunch of results – online alarm clocks, apps that help you sleep well and advice from other bloggers on the methods that work for them.

I’ve tried sleeping at a specific time and getting enough sleep.

I’ve tried keeping multiple alarms, most of them loud enough to wake up my entire cluster.

I’ve tried asking friends/family to call and wake me up, to splash water on my face, to switch off the fan..

The only time I wake up on time is when I have something important AND urgent to attend to, and I absolutely have to get out of bed. I almost never do so when I have planned to “be productive” or kept some such vague sounding goal.

Today, I woke up really really late and my entire day has been screwed up. And I thought to myself – “Why am I pursuing this impossible goal? Why cant I just accept myself as a night person and live with it?”. But then, the problem is not that I am a night person. The problem is that I have difficulty keeping commitments that I make to myself. I think THAT is the main cause of lack of discipline.

So what can I do about this?

Well, for starters, I am going to rephrase the problem from “I cant wake up on time” to “I cant keep a commitment to myself”. And then write down my commitments every night before I sleep and look at them every morning when I hear my alarm. And visualising my 17 year old disciplined self. If I could do it then, I can do it now.

Any advice on how to keep commitments is greatly appreciated.


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