Thankful Tuesdays – career fairs, cute pets, mexican food and such

Well what do you know?! I thought last Tuesday just went past, and we are back to this week’s edition of Thankful Tuesdays already! It has been a good few days so far. Big learnings!

1. NUS Career Fair:

For me, this years fair was by far the most successful one I’ve been to. Well, I’m not sure if I should use the word “successful”, since I havent heard from any employer yet, but I am happy that I tried my best.There are a few things I did that I did differently from last time – maybe they will help you too!

a. Plan exactly which companies you wish to target. There is no point in going there and THEN deciding which ones you would like to speak to. Get a copy of the list of companies and depending on the time you have at the fair, select your companies!

b. Dress well. And I mean really really well.

I wore a dress + blazer this time around instead of the usual shirt + pant combo. And I didn’t carry my school bag with me – I brought all my stuff in a small laptop bag that I carried like a briefcase. I even had an employer complimenting me on how I looked.

I think its quite important to look your best here- even if employers don’t remember you, at least you will have more confidence to speak to them about your achievements, and then they may take note of you.

c. Take many copies of your resume and plan on giving different tailored versions to     different companies. Put them in brown envelopes (to differentiate from the white papers they will be handling) and write your name on top.

d. Go early. Be there at 10 am if the fair starts at 10 am. For me, this one made a big difference. The employers are much friendlier and interested to speak to you if you are the first couple of students they meet.

2. I am thankful for Mexican food. Cha Cha Cha in Holland Village is really good! Just thinking about their food makes my tongue drool. Mmmmmm jalepenos and tabasco sauce!

Tear inducing chilli/pepper sauces. Love 'em. Source:

The entrance to Cha Cha Cha. Source:

And the joys of being a student – you can go out for dinner on a Monday night!

3. I am thankful for cute cats and dogs I see every time I go to my dance class. Adorable things! The place I rehearse at is very posh and the pets that come out on their evening walks are well fed, happy looking things. They are a real delight to play with! I cant wait to move into my own place so that I can keep one of them! 😀

4. I am thankful for friends and family. Speaking to them always brightens up my day by leaps and bounds!

5. I am thankful for two bite brownies. And mc breakfast. And cold chocolate milk. (But you know all of this by now, so I am keeping it short).

Now its your turn. What are you thankful for? Have a nice day!


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