Thankful Tuesdays

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Hope you enjoy your day in the company of people you love. ๐Ÿ™‚

Its funny that every Tuesday morning, I wake up in a not-so-great mood and think to myself- “Oh great. Now I have to be perky and write about things I am thankful for. Bleh.” But once I am done with the post, I actually feel a lot better. Today morning is extra bleh since I woke up from a nightmare where my best friends were out to murder/decapitate me. How gruesome is that. I woke up sweating and its taken me a while to forget the dream and move on with life. Interestingly, this is the second time this is happening, with almost the same characters as well. Wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

Anyway, its a beautiful sunny day in Singapore and I’m not letting anything get in the way of ย  happiness!

I’m thankful for this week – it is full of lovely celebrations at home. Today is Valentines day and my grandfather’s birthday, tomorrow my sister turns 16 and mom 45, day after my parents celebrate 22 years of marriage (!!) and on 17th, an uncle and aunt celebrate their wedding anniversary! So exciting. I am not around for any of these celebrations, but it still feels nice that this week is so special for my family.

I’m thankful for small acts of kindness from friends – whether it is laughing at my jokes, sending my nice emails, helping me with modules, making tea for me.. these small things really do go a long way in making my day better.

I’m thankful for Hungry Stones.

I’ve figured out why I come back from it more tired than the other dancers. Its because this dance is a mental struggle for me as much as a physical struggle. In class, I am constantly asked to “let go”, “be myself” and “be creative”. There is a lot of improvisation going on in the dance – this means I have to make up stuff as I go along and if it looks fake, the audience will call bullshit on me. The challenge here is to not be self conscious and really express my character’s feeling ย through my own movements. No one is choreographing it for me. I am by nature quite self conscious and it is quite a challenge for me to let go and just do my own dance, even though it is just for a few minutes. Its scary that no one is holding my hand and telling me what to do. It is scary that people might judge me and say “she isn’t creative”. But I think I am making tiny steps of progress every day, and that is heartening. It is also nice to learn from my peers – they look like they don’t know the meaning of “self conscious” and it is a joy to watch them dance!

I am thankful for blogs – they are such wonderful mediums of self expression. I really enjoy writing and reading others’ posts. And I am more drawn to the ones that speak of personal things – their daily lives, small joys and setbacks. It is really nice that we have been given such a medium to record our thoughts forever. I was just looking back at my own posts from 2010 – I seem to have grown so much since then! I can’t wait till I am 50 years old and look back at the time when I was 21, and smile to myself.

I’m thankful that NUS will be over soon. I have roughly 7 weeks left here. Time has flown. Now on to bigger, better things.

It’s your turn now! What are you thankful for? ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesdays

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ll realise the value of nus only when I leave lol. Next week is my last recess week.. looking forward to that!

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