chocolate brownie dessert

I love chocolate. Love love love love love! And I also cant cook.

This ‘recipe’ given to me by a friend, is so amazing and simple that its just too good to believe! I wish I had a nice photo of the dish but I just gobbled the entire thing right up when I saw it. But you have to trust me that this is a winner.

Things you’ll need:

brownies (I used the 2-bite brownies available in my hostel’s supermarket). The mushier they are, the better.

drinking chocolate powder

hot water

a scoop of vanilla ice cream

chopped almonds (optional)

a microwave

And that’s about it.

In a small bowl, add about 4 teaspoons of the drinking chocolate powder and a teaspoon of hot water. Mix well till you get a smooth consistency. The purpose of the hot water is to avoid lumps in your mixture.This is basically in lieu of buying expensive chocolate syrup. Its much cheaper and just as yummy!

Next, dunk the brownies cut up into small-ish pieces into the mixture and put the bowl into a microwave. Heat for about 40 seconds on high. After this, the brownies would have absorbed the chocolate mix and the result will be a big, gooey delicious mess! Have a scoop of ice cream with the brownies. Chopped almonds are a nice garnish (although not necessary)- use them if you have them at home.

This thing cost me less than $3 to make. I have eaten similar desserts for more than $10 in restaurants.

Eating this made my day. I hope it does to yours, too! Happy weekend folks 🙂


8 thoughts on “chocolate brownie dessert

  1. I LOVE quick desserts. Perfect for a sweet tooth like me 😀 You have a lovely space here. When you have the time, do drop by my space. I just made some lemon and cream spaghetti and would love to hear what you think. See ya!

    • Haha there is nothing to make in it.. I think going to a shop and ordering would take more effort. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Shivya! you have a great blog.

    • 😀 I tried with Milo fuse instead of cocoa powder yesterday. Baad mistake. Use drinking chocolate powder only 🙂

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