Good luck, bad luck, who knows?

I have a problem. I get overwhelmed by happiness when good things happen and overwhelmed by sadness/stress when bad things happen. I suspect this is a problem faced by a lot of people my age.

A friend describes me as being binary (1 or 0) – I seem to have no middle ground and do not like things that are grey. This is good in some ways – if I really want something or make up my mind about doing something, I’ll stick with it till it is done. This makes me decisive as well. But on the flip side, I have a hard time maintaining a cool, neutral head to handle ambiguous situations.

The funny thing is that such “good” things and “bad” things are never truly what they appear at the onset.. It is good for me to realise this and internalise it.

Brilliant article that inspired me to write this.


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