Sage or Seeker?

Are you a Sage or are you a Seeker?

A sage is one who sits in a cave high up in the mountains and reflects about life, and a seeker is one who travels great distances with a few burning questions to ask of the sage.

I think we are both sage and seeker in different circumstances.. I tend to get sage-like and reflect on my experiences (both when they are good and bad.. but mostly when they are bad) to make sense of the experiences and try to learn from them.

I am the seeker when I execute actions.. I search for meaning by doing (instead of thinking). The goal is to get to a place where I can find answers to my questions.

Often, the seeker herself becomes the sage when she realises the answers to her questions on her own.. But this can happen only after she crosses great distances, surmounts immense difficulties and pays her dues.

This thought is reassuring to me. It tells me that even though all I have are questions right now, I just have to do my best towards trying to find the answers. Through this process of trying to find answers, I will grow experienced enough that I will become the sage, and be capable of answering my own questions.

Of course, getting answers to old questions merely opens up a new range of questions…

-Post inspired by a game I played at work today called Sages and Seekers, where people take turns answering questions by sharing experiences and then ask questions of others.


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