The bus driver

This evening I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus back home. It was late; I had already travelled for about an hour and I was gloomily reflecting on the prospect of making my dinner from scratch once I got home.

The bus finally arrived and the bus driver got out of the bus.

“Oh great, NOW he decides to go for his pee break. My life sucks.”

He got out, opened the side door and pulled out a wheel chair ramp for a passenger carting an elderly man on a wheelchair. He helped the lady push the wheelchair onto the bus, made sure the old man was comfortable and secure next to the hand rail, gave them a big smile and then got back to his seat to open the door to the rest of the passengers.

I was listening to a book which was telling me about the power of empathetic listening at the same time I saw this incident. I smiled to myself and my mood instantly changed…

A timely reminder to me indeed!


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