Audible is awesome.

I had a problem with my one of my accounts and had requested them to cancel my credits and refund my money. Within 2 hours, I got a personal email reply from their customer service staff with my money refunded to me. I was so not expecting that! When I sent the email, I was mentally preparing me for some painful calls to the US and a lot of investment in time and effort to solve my problem.

Kudos to them!

This is the email I got:


I thought the last “were you satisfied with the assistance” survey is also really simple and nice.

Large companies have a thing or two to learn from Audible’s customer service!


2 thoughts on “Audible is awesome.

  1. Audible’s customer service is always top top top draw.

    I was so blown away by their service last time that I asked them what they do differently to train their staff. They didn’t get back on that one.. haha

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