Summer Cleaning

Today is a public holiday in Singapore – one that I welcomed very eagerly with outstretched arms!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a sense of burn-out. I really wanted to stop, take a break and take some time to reflect. Day to day living was preventing that from happening all this while.. and luckily May Day came along.

I did a little “summer cleaning” of my own – of mind, body, soul… and well the kitchen. 🙂 I feel a lot better now. I am not ready to face the next 2 (likely to be challenging) summer months yet… but I am ready to face the next two days. Small steps.. but steps nevertheless. 🙂

Mind and Soul cleanse by meditating at a temple, clearing my mind by spewing everything out to family and friends;

Body cleanse by sleeping well, eating my comfort food and running along a beautiful lake;

Kitchen cleanse by cleaning out all the gunk from the cupboards, throwing away expired items and making way for new things;

May is the time for action. I hope you have a great month!


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