Over the past few days, my thoughts have

Over the past few days, my thoughts have been centered on the theme of comfort.

With one year of work experience behind me and university now seeming like a pleasant dream far away, I feel like I am climbing the ‘grown-up’ curve pretty quickly. Conversations with friends and family no longer centre about grades and parties but about things like job hunts, healthy food and gossiping about who is getting married next. Suddenly I’m not a ‘fresh grad’ anymore but an old hand in the industry, giving advice to juniors who are treading the same paths I once did.

There seems to be a lot of activity/change at a high level in my life – ending a graduate program, starting a new job, an imminent change of house and a trip to see my family in 2 weeks! But on a day to day basis, I’m starting to feel a little rusty. Sure, I’m reading a lot and learning life lessons at work… but the pain and stretch you feel when you step into something super complicated? That has been missing for a while. It is just… comfortable.

A friend remarked the other day that once the excitement of a new job wears off, people just settle into the average again. Same days, same routines, same life.

I have two conflicting thoughts in my head – I actually do like the routine. I look at my greatest role model (you know who you are) and he is the ultimate in leading a disciplined and balanced life. I think his discipline actually frees up a lot of time to get creative and do great things.  And the balance is key to his happiness. Balance and comfort are good things… This is who I want to be.

The other thought is that this is the prime of my life. I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to go travelling with the little cash I have, move out of my house away from my best friends and live independently. And throw myself into work without any regard for the myth called work life balance. In short, I don’t want to be balanced. I think this is where the risk and rewards are highest.

Most of the days just seem to well, pass by. Time flies and we are at July already. I need a game plan for H2 2013. Any thoughts?


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