Product Managers are supposed to be a tough lot, intent on driving things and making sure their product gets sold. Their jobs involve a lot of interactions with people from Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, IT, Legal, you name it. Often, PMs are portrayed as being pushy and aggressive – “go-getters” if you will. Negotiation is an important skill to have.

I have been observing the PMs at my workplace and have concluded that there are two types of people who get their jobs done well:

1. The loud, confident person who is not afraid to say it as it is. This person makes decisions quickly, but could also come off as too aggressive.

2. The quieter person who is pushy in a less obvious way. Makes decisions and sticks to their guns, but appears not so confident at the outset.

It has been three weeks into my new job and I am learning LOTS from both sets of people… Time will tell how I eventually turn out. 🙂


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