Still a Newbie

Tomorrow I complete one month at my new job. It has been fun, stressful and I still feel like a total newbie. “The more I learn, the less I know…”

This is a way of thinking I have been consciously trying to adopt during the past 4 weeks:

You can only get the best out of any environment when you jump headlong into it. No reservations, no pulling back. Accept and ingrain all that the situation has to offer you. Your personality will change… with hopefully more good things than bad.

I know my current environment is a good place, challenging and different from my comfort zone. I have found MANY role models (a very exciting prospect) but I’ve only just begun to observe and learn from them, and I don’t see any difference in myself yet.

I am enjoying climbing up the curve at work – my brain cells are feeling squashed and I can literally feel them multiplying everyday.

Just have to keep repeating to myself ‘never failure, only learning…’ 🙂


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