You are a function of your environment

We are the average of the people we spend most of our time with. It also holds true for the environment(s) we inhabit.

8 months ago, I had a boss who was obsessed with fitness and sports. And before long, I was buying running shoes, reading about Tarahumara and doing 4k runs in the morning before work! It was a good time.

Fast forward to 4 months ago and I was caught with the digital bug. I blogged regularly, tweeted everyday, read a bunch of product development blogs, and knew what was happening in the Singapore tech startup scene. No surprise then, that I was rotating at the (very cool) Digital Banking team at Stanchart.

Now, I am in an environment where the majority of the people are more grown up and more focussed on work and family than me. As a result, I’m also doing more ‘grown-up’ things… finding a new place to stay, studying for grad school, (attempting) yoga and working harder.

By and by, I realise that it is very important to consciously try to shape our existing environments to our ideal ones.


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