Searching for my soul-house

Searching for a house mate is like searching for your life partner.

You view hundreds of ads on websites, do test phone calls, view photos and finally do the first date. From here on though, the analogy breaks down, as the next step is to move in to the house i.e. get married! as opposed to the less adventurous ‘dating phase’.

I’ve been going through hundreds of potential house ads online in search of my soul-house. I even went on a couple of first dates although I eventually had to back away. The whole process is EXHAUSTING, to say the least. And turning down offers/getting turned down sucks.

I’ve realised that I look for a match in macro factors (house location, room type etc) first before looking at the smaller (but as important) factors such as the nature of the potential house mate. I almost came close to saying yes to someone because the macro factors fit so darn well, but was warned by some reminders from my parents that I didn’t know anything about the micro factors.

This is a little funny and ironic. I’ve always never understood the concept of arranged marriages/dating and thought that the people who made decisions based on the macro factors alone must be crazy. But here I am, needing reminders from my parents (who are big believers in arranged marriages) to focus on the micro factors. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Searching for my soul-house

  1. Simple ! Divorce is not an option in arranged marriage and hence you make it work.

    Not at all difficult in housemate and hence could be shortlived…

    Keep hunting for Mr.Right !

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