3 Home Runs – Personal Edition

I turned 23 two days ago. I had a great time with 3 birthday parties over 3 days. I feel so blessed!

As is customary with birthday parties, I was asked to give a speech. And as is customary with all birthday babies, I resisted initially but had already planned out what I wanted to say in the shower earlier. 😉

Birthdays are a great time for introspection and beginning anew! Here are my 3 personal Home Runs for 2014:

1. Learn 1 new skill and become really good at it

The skill is going to be a sport or a musical instrument (areas in which I have never really shined). As you grow older, you start consolidating and getting better at something you’re already good at. It becomes more difficult to branch out and learn something totally new. So this is my attempt to get really good at something I have never explored… before I become too old for it!

2. Meet new people

I am generally pretty risk averse – I do not venture out to meet new people voluntarily and hate small talk. As a result, I have friends who think like me, speak like me and act like me. Hoping to widen my perspectives by meeting new people from different professions. I am considering CouchSurfing as a start.

3. Make breakfast and exercise a part of my life

This one seems like a goal I should have mastered many many years ago 🙂 but I am still struggling with this on a daily basis and lose a lot of willpower trying to make it work. The goal is simple: exercise for 2o minutes and eat breakfast on all weekdays.  I have a feeling this will be the toughest one to crack 🙂

Here is to a great 2014 and happy week to you!


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