“You have the emotional range of a teaspoon!” – Hermione to Ron 😀

I am on the opposite on the emotional spectrum – but I do think this is not such a great place to be at.

Last night, I was on my way home from work. As I walked into the interchange, I say my bus pulling into the stop. My heart skipped for joy! This bus (which is the only one that takes me directly to my home) is notorious for its lateness and I had had a long hard day. Willpower was at its low point. I walked first, then ran to the bus stop to board the bus. And to my dismay, the bus pulled out of the stop and left me bewildered at the bus stop. I was SO upset, especially after running and frantically waving behind the bus for about 20 seconds.

I looked up at the bus timetable and saw another 51 on its way in 3 minutes! Oh, the joy once more! God must be rewarding me after my troubles at the office. So I stood at the stop and caught my breath, waiting for the next bus. Two minutes later, I looked up at the timetable, only to see that the next 51 had been pushed to 17 minutes later. SEVENTEEN MINUTES! At 9.30pm in the night, this was not at all amusing. I stormed and cursed, gave up, and took another bus that would drop me two stops from my house, from where I would have to walk for ten minutes to get to my place.

I finally reached home, where I was rewarded with hot food and comforting words from my mom. Ah… back to happy-land once more.

Sad – happy – sad – happy – sad – happy all in a matter of 20 minutes. Reacting so quickly to happy and sad events is not fun after a point. It may be better to live like a teaspoon after all… 🙂

On that note, an inspiring fable from Derek Sivers – http://sivers.org/horses on keeping your cool at all times.


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