Agassi’s Open

I just finished Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open. It was a great read and I highly recommend to everyone (not just tennis fans).

Top insights from the book:

  • Agassi was made to play from the age of 4 and I’m sure he had long passed Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule before turning pro at age 16. He got so incredibly good at something at such a young age and persisted with tennis despite hating it. He elaborates that the only reason he did that was because he did not know anything else that he could possibly do for a living… so he had no choice but to be really really good at what he did know. That is thought provoking. If you want to achieve excellence at something, design your circumstances such that you have no choice but to go all out for it. The only way out is to move forward…
  • He needed a team if he wanted to consistently be successful. He needed mentors to train his body, mind and soul apart from tennis coaching, and actively ‘hired’ people in all 3 areas. We don’t do that often enough in our lives.
  • Agassi suffered crushing humiliations over and over again in his career in front of millions of people. Every time, he rallied and came back better than ever. And had a tennis career of 21 years. If that isn’t inspiring enough for us to to be more resilient, I don’t know what is.

Get a copy now. 🙂


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