Revisiting Memories

Memories have this funny way of colouring everything with a rose-tint. 6 years later, slogging for the board exams seems fun (?!), old favourite movies have attained a cult status in my mind and annoying habits of near and dear have started looking cute.

Going back and reliving memories sometimes let you down in a big way. Recently, I was really bummed after revisiting Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Minnale, Dil Chahta Hai and other old favourite movies. I remember thinking to myself during various parts of the movies – “really, did I bawl like a baby for this scene?!” Suddenly, all my fond memories of these movies have been sort of wiped out by the latest memory.

I’ve since decided that some extra special memories are left best in their last-visited happy state. That kindergarten best friend you have very fond memories about but haven’t spoken to for 15 years? May not be such a great idea to get re-acquainted…

Onward, to create lots of rose-tinted memories from 2014 🙂

PS: one obvious exception to the rule is reliving memories through photos. This always works like a charm!


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