The amount of waste we generate is mind boggling.

Last weekend, my housemates and I did some spring cleaning of our kitchen. Threw out many dollars worth of expired products, rotting vegetables from the fridge and so much plastic. We had 11 trash bags in total after the cleaning. And this was barely 2 months from the previous cleaning in December! I was shocked at the amount of crap we had accumulated. 

I was most surprised at the plastic we had generated… zillions of plastic covers, so many plastic one-use containers and then some more plastic covers. We really did generate a lot more waste than was necessary for a house of 5 people. 

How to reduce waste? There are many ways to get started and the internet is full of ideas.

But it all REALLY starts with awareness. Its all very well to watch talks about the environment and see dumpsters/landfills with trash… Your mind de-sensitises itself from the reality and nothing really ‘hits’. My suggestion is for you to start by cleaning your own home this weekend and make a note of the different types of waste that you create.

Then, watch this great TED talk (8mins).

Happy cleaning.


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