The HappyDays project

Earlier this year, my housemates and I created a shared blog to record and share our ‘happy days’ with each other. This was inspired from the internet project – We try to post one ‘happy post’ per day as part of our commitment to be more positive people. I’ve loved the experience so far and the blog looks like an amazing collage of shared memories 🙂 

I strongly encourage you to start one with a group that you want to keep in touch with. The amount of bonding that rises from such a simple online group project is amazing. And it’s just another excuse to look at the good things about your life. Who doesn’t need one?

How can you start? WordPress and both have great mobile apps that help you blog with a click or two. Just create a blog on either platform with multiple authors, install the app on your phone and you are good to go.

Happy week, friends!

PS: For an energy boost – listen to Happy from Despicable Me. It’s been running on loop at home!



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