Decisioning making as adults

You know you’re a grown up when you eat salad to be healthy, are expected to make 5 year plans and wake up at 6am without anyone throwing water in your face. It is really hard to be a grown up, and not as fun as I thought it would be. 

Last night, I went for a movie and debated in my head about getting some popcorn. “It’s so overpriced!” “its full of salt and unhealthy for you” “its so yummy and I had a small, too-healthy sandwich for lunch…”. I finally did get the popcorn after an intense mental battle with myself and at the end of it, the popcorn didn’t even taste THAT great. Somehow, it always tasted better when all you had to do was to plead your case with a grownup and they would buy it for you. No internal debating. The decision making was the poor grownup’s problem, not yours. 

All decisions, no matter how small or big have consequences. It would be easy to say to go easy on the small ones to leave room for the big ones in your head. But all big decisions are always based on smaller decisions…

How then, can we make “small decisions” less painful as adults? Some guiding principles I want to abide by:

– Put as many decisions as possible on autopilot

 I do this a lot. I eat the same breakfast almost everyday, know what I am wearing to work every morning and have schedules for my lunch places. I find it liberating!

– Eliminate choices ruthlessly. Helps to have a binary approach when doing this. 

– Set a deadline to make the decision 

– Some decision is always better than indecision

– Be happy and feel at peace about your decision once you’ve made it. This is a hard one.


How do you make your small decisions? Does delegating your “small” decision making work for you?


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