When do you feel curious?

It is a question I’ve been asking myself recently.

1. I think curiosity can be developed only when you are secure enough to explore unfamiliar territory. You should be able to walk out of the experience and shrug it off if it was a bad one, or rejoice in it if it was a good one. There’s a lot to learn from kids on this behaviour..

2. Curiosity also needs a certain degree of dissatisfaction with the current status quo.

3. Curious people also tend to like asking many questions just for the sake of learning. Not for any higher purpose but to store up the knowledge in their brains.. in other words, being actively interested to learn!

I think the first step to being a more curious person is to ‘respond to offers’ from your environment. More on ‘creating a culture of Yes’ here.

What are your thoughts on curiosity?


One thought on “When do you feel curious?

  1. Agree with points 1,2,3 but not with your first step. I think the first step to being a curious person is to take some time off from life, sit back, relax, pick the first topic that comes to mind, and ask “Why?”

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