I broke my hand three weeks ago. It started out as a sprain, blew up into a hairline fracture and 3 X-Rays and 2 doctors later, I was (and still am) stuck with my left arm in a sling. It hasn’t been the best of times, these past few weeks… 

But time heals all wounds, especially fractures 🙂 and I now have some observations to share:

1. Don’t Rush

It all started because I was rushing to get from one place to another.

The golden rule used to be “don’t be late”, now I have changed to to “don’t rush”.

Don’t rush to catch the bus, don’t rush against a deadline, don’t rush to get your foot in the door and don’t get hassled. This is one mantra I am repeating to myself constantly: “Slow gait, nimble mind”.

2. Learning to ask for help

I had difficulties right from tying a ponytail to locking the door when I learnt how to live with just one useful hand. Asking for help for every single thing was definitely hard and a great humbling experience. I hated having to ask for help to open a door, to get a seat in a crowded train, to get dinner during the weekend, mainly because of all guilt trips by brain put me through. I’m still learning to ask and accept help graciously and cheerfully. If nothing else, it makes the help-giver feel better about themselves.

3. You can get used to anything

For the first few days of my arm being in a sling, I was downright miserable and constantly longed to stretch my hand. Now, it’s not so bad… I’ve learnt to work around it. This doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to having two fully functional hands, its just that I know I can live with myself without bringing the house down.

4. The whole world runs on cause and effect

This one deserves a blogpost in itself 🙂

If this isn’t “character building”, I don’t know what is! 


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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear this and glad that you have so many interesting learnings from the experience.

    I’m sure you’ll appreciate your fully functional hand a lot more now. Haha

    • Yes indeed! I fully appreciate my wonderful hands now 😀


      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Decembermist's Blog wrote:


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