The Israel – Gaza Conflict

The situation at Israel / Gaza is so complicated and apart from feeling bad for the death of civilians reported in the news articles everyday, I didn’t really understand what the fight is about.

I spent an hour trying to comprehend the conflict today. I still don’t have a fully formed opinion on it but from what I can see, this centuries-old war is not ending anytime soon… 

Some facts:

– The conflict started right from the time of Moses… but really took off after the West (i.e. US and the British) intervened during WW1, WW2 and with the Zionist philosophy popularised. It has been sporadically continuing since (with increasing frequency), with peace talks between the two entities being a complete farce.

– There are no defined borders for Israel and Palestine – Israel keeps growing as it assumes control of Palestine

– Israel is the single largest benefactor of US aid and is using the money to kill hundreds of civilians at Gaza

– Hamas is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the West. The mission of Hamas is to obliterate Israel. Hamas receives a lot of funding from Iran.

– Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel killing hundreds of civilians. Israel blocks them using its state of the art Iron Dome technology.

Some useful articles and videos to understand what is happening:

Israel and Palestine: 

Hamas intro: 

The history behind the conflict: 

The Economist’s take on the issue:  


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